Description of Facilities

Espace Hubert-Reeves will include several thematic installations including:

Immersive sphere

An immersive 360° sphere on which scientific and educational innovationsvideos will be projected throughout.

Visitors and students will be inside the sphere to view the videos.  directly without electronic glasses.

There is currently only one other similar sphere in the world.

See the video of the Gwangiu sphere.

A scale model of the Astrobleme of Charlevoix

A scale model of the Charlevoix crater (Astroblème de Charlevoix) to visualize and understand the gigantic meteorite impact that occurred a few years ago more than 400 million years ago and gave birth to Charlevoix.

A projection on a sphere :
Science On a Sphere S.O.S.

This app developed by NOAA (USA) projects videos onto a sphere 68 inches in diameter. More than 400 videos are available for educational purposes to describe geological, atmospheric, oceanographic and astronomical phenomena and to support the teaching and popularization of knowledge in these fields.

Link to S.O.S. :

A connected amphitheatre

A 100-removable seat amphitheater that will be connected to the world via fibre optics. It will be equipped with the best multi-media presentation
technologies. In addition to allowing renowned science presenters to come and broadcast their conferences, the public will be able to view in real time any report broadcast publicly (conferences, rocket lift-off, broadcasts from space, etc.). This amphitheater will be the center of scientific dissemination in the region and a window on the scientific world for the target audiences.

A Lab/Workshop

A room exhibiting many geological specimens of interest to visitors and students. These rocks will come from Charlevoix and other parts of the world.

Geoscientists will have access to an adjacent space to conduct their research.