Hubert Reeves

Hubert Reeves is an astrophysicist born in Montreal in 1932. He died on October 7, 2023 in Paris. He has carried out major scientific work that has earned him recognition from the international scientific community. He has acquired an exceptional reputation for his popular books on the formation of the universe and for his immense talent as a popularizer and lecturer. A great humanist, he worked during the last years of his life for the protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity.  

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Hubert Reeves and Charlevoix

Charlevoix was, during Hubert Reeves’ adolescence, a revealer of large marine spaces by the Saint-Laurent.
An accomplished scientific observer, he notes that “The Charlevoix astrobleme is a document of great value on the formation of the Earth and its evolution.”
Hubert Reeves decides to associate his name with this unique place, which he describes as “ideal”, for the establishment of a scientific outreach center of geological and astronomical historical interest. He will participate in its development.
This Hubert-Reeves Space will continue its work of disseminating science to all audiences. His memory will be perpetuated by this place of knowledge dedicated to the promotion of the astronomical and geological heritage of Charlevoix.