Project description

Board of Directors of Observateoire de la Géosphère de Charlevoix (OGC)...

Context and Location

The Charlevoix landscape was crated by a metorite impact…

Description of Facilities

Espace Hubert-Reeves will include several thematic rooms including...

Sustainable Developement

Espace Hubert-Reeves will want to live up to the legacy of its mentor...

L’Observatoire de la géosphère de Charlevoix (OGC)

L’Observatoire de la géosphère de Charlevoix  (OGC) is an Non Profit Organization created in 2009 to highlight the valuable geological heritage of Charlevoix.

Why the name
Espace Hubert-Reeves

As the observable remnant of a meteorite that struck Charlevoix
more than 400 million years ago, the Charlevoix impact crater
fascinated the great astrophysicist born in Quebec, Hubert Reeves.

Hubert Reeves was happy to associate his name with this scientific project highlighting the imprint left by the asteroid on the territory of Charlevoix.


Who is Hubert Reeves?


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