In Context

The Charlevoix region was created by a meteorite impact that occurred more than 400 million years ago. Artifacts that bear witness to this cataclysm can be found in many (hundred) places. In terms of geology and physical geography, Charlevoix is a true open-air museum.

As such, we work in close collaboration with the Charlevoix Geopark team which works to highlight the Charlevoix Astrobleme (meteoritic impact crater) through the animation of geological sites which are the remains of the impact who sculpted our region.

In 2009, a group of renowned geologists created the “Observatoire de la Géosphère de Charlevoix” (an NPO) with the aim of building the first Earth Sciences museum (geology, environment, physical geography, forestry) in Quebec and a Geopark covering the Charlevoix region.

The construction of the Espace Hubert-Reeves is planned on land reserved by the city of La Malbaie near Le Havre park and the Charlevoix Museum, a few steps from recreational-tourist activities and close to most of accommodations in the area. The site is part of the Charlevoix astrobleme and several outstanding geological sites can be found close by.